Mike Scifres
Kicking & Punting Consultant

Calls, Meetings, Evaluations, & 

In Person Training

to Achieve Success

My Experience

Playing  in the NFL for 13 years has given me the knowledge and experience to help others achieve their greatest success. I have designed a consulting program that doesn't just help with the physical aspect, but helps prepare our players for the mental game and further them.  I have seen results time and time again that prove both mental & physical training go hand in hand. I have worked with NFL players, collegiate, and even high school players over the years and have seen what an impact having this support system can have on the game. It is now time for me to pass on my knowledge to others.

Why Our Consulting firm?

I like to evaluate each individuals needs and cater to what they need in order to be the best football player possible. I was passed on knowledge from day one and I always give that credit to my mentor, Darren Bennet, who helped me from the start and continued to mentor me throughout my career. Now being retired, I am ready to use my knowledge and help others find the success that lies within them.

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